We were always making things when I was a kid. My parents were creative, and they certainly encouraged us in this. These are some of my pencil sketches from when I was three and four years old.

a bunny drawn when I was about 4 and a half

Paper was expensive, so we drew on whatever we could get our hands on. When I was a little older, I rememberwe used to go through our notebooks at the end of the school year and liberate any unused pages for drawing paper. That’s why a lot of our early drawings are on lined paper.

primitive pencil drawing of a lion

my dad, drawn when I was almost 4

I never felt I was a good artist, because my older siblings drew so much better than I did. I was never very good at colouring inside the lines.But it never stopped me from making art, because making art was fun.

pencil drawingsfrom when I was three years old