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doll house


doll house front

Several years ago I built this durable doll house to barbie doll scale. The wood was largely bits and pieces I had laying about in my workshop.


The bathtub feet are wooden beads; the mirror is a picture frame with silver foil paper inside. I used baker’s clay to mold the bathtub and sinks, and there’s a nice detail shot in the baker’s clay article. .


The wall paper and matching curtains came out of wallpaper books I got from small decorating store. The curtains were hung on craft dowels.

Living Room
A woven placemat became the livingroom carpet; a framed greeting card became the artwork.

Front Door
Picture hanging hooks served as the coat hooks beside the front door, as well as the front door handles.

Kitchen Sink detail

Miscellaneous fasteners and L-hooks became taps and faucets.


Scraps from my own kitchen curtain were used for the main floor curtains.
opening the front door

I would have loved this when I was a kid.

the back of the doll house

I made it up as I went along, and it was great fun figuring it out and making it.

magnetic pincushion


Sewing isn’t my strong suit, but I do it when I need something made out of cloth.

sewing boxBecause pincushions have never worked very well for me, I devised a better way to keep track of my pins and needles.

make it:

Place a reasonably strong magnet inside the metal lid from a glass bottle. This is much easier to get pins in and out of than any other pincushion.

pins in a magnetic pin cusihion