the big picture

Once again it has become popular for people to make their own things, very often co-operatively. This has led to the rise of a “maker culture.” Around the world, in a growing number of communities, makers are coming together to create “maker spaces” — places where facilities, tools and ideas can be shared.


… to my virtual “maker’s space” where I can share what I’ve learned by doing with you, wherever you are.

My own making began long before I ever heard of maker spaces. For me, making happens wherever I am, usually when I’ve needed something I didn’t have, and is often accomplished with re-used materials.

Perhaps some day I will live close enough to one of the established maker spaces to do more than visit, but in the interim, I will continue to make things wherever I am, whether it’s on my kitchen table or a park bench.

I’ll try to post a new article each Saturday.